That Rock in The Meadow

March 5, 2009
By Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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My head rests on a silky, green pillow.
I lay here and reminisce
About the blissful times,
We had in that meadow
That mossy green I saw a decade ago,
When every day went by like water's flow
On top of that rock, you watched me
I would play for hours there,
Where the moss green leaves grew
And draped ever so softly over the edge
That rock with the incline at one end,
The drop at the other
You watched me as I would jump
Jump as if never to come down.
I would mock the world from upon that rock
A lock, impermeable to weather, stress, or hatred.
Now everything seems to be less'exciting.
I wait to reach that initial high, once again
That high created when I would jump
Reach the daytime sky, and fall
You would call me a clown
As I fell to the ground.
In that meadow,
You watched me.

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