October 1, 2016
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Im walking into this blindly
With my heart on my sleeve
I dont know what to do
And I dont know what anything means

I think I might be in love
I dont know anymore
I know Im definitely falling
Way harder than I was before

I want to trust you
But Im scared I'll get hurt again
I want to love you
But I'm afraid it will end

You say you wont hurt me
But did everyone else
And then I was cast aside
Or set up on a shelf

If I hand you my heart
Will you be gentle with it?
If I cant land from this fall
Will you be there to catch me?

You say you're not going to leave
I cant but have my doubts
You say you love me
I feel like Im gonna freak out

So Im handing you my heart
But you have to be gentle with it
Because Im still scared you'll hurt me
But hopefully it wont end

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