I Am Over...

October 5, 2016

I am over many things.
I am over the judgemental thoughts and harsh glances people throw at each other.
I am over parents’ over exceeding expectations for their children.
I am over the stress adults put on teens.
I am over the stupidity that seems to be a job requirement for the people in power.
I am over the people who wear masks to hide their true identities from the world.
I am over the stupid things people do to try and impress those who aren’t worth their time.
I am over the small minded and chauvinistic ideals that currently plague our society.
I am over our tendency to commit self deprecation and succumb to our insecurities and self doubt.
I am over the people whose views resemble those of a person with no soul who revels in the pain others feel.
I am over the homophobes, the xenophobes, the racists.
I am over the first world feminists who support no one but themselves.
I am over those who support a movement that demeans and discredits the lives of others.
I am over those who judge others for things out of their control like the color of their skin, who they love and what they feel like. I am over those who romanticize the horrible things in life.
I am over the desolation and melancholy of this universe.
I am over many things in this world, I have outgrown them - and i’ve never felt more alive.

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