What I Remember

October 5, 2016

From 2033 miles away she still managed to make me smile.
Her voice was as soothing as rain drops hitting the concrete on a silent night, but as powerful as the thunder that followed.
The moment those words left her mouth, my heart began to melt and my eyes began to water.
Sitting there, alone, at a Chick-Fil-A I remembered her light brown eyes that would say a million words without even blinking.
I remembered her slightly above average sized nose that always seemed to be sniffing out every possible thing that could go wrong.
I remembered, her perfect pink lips that although they called me every single cuss word in spanish they always managed to end every sentence with the words ¨Te Amo¨
I remembered her small ears that would carry hoops the size of my imagination and listened to every crying note I had to sing.
I remember her straight flat hair that always seemed to be in her mouth.
The mouth that produced a laugh so unique it always filled the room with more laughter.
I also remembered the gap between her two front teeth, that seemed to fill every square inch of her mouth. I remembered that same mouth singing to me the songs that once held our family together. The songs that still echo between the walls of our home. The songs that bring tears into my eyes, happy tears.
I remember her arms that would wrap around me so perfectly it was almost as if that was where I was meant to be.
I remembered her blue veins that proved to me that she was alive and that this wasn't a dream.
I remember her short legs that were there for me every step of the way.
I remembered her 6 ½ size feet that never seemed to stop moving.
I remembered how much I miss her.
I remembered how much I love her.
I remember my beautiful mother.

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