Bittersweet Chocolate

March 5, 2009
By Rebecca Wilken SILVER, Fall River, Wisconsin
Rebecca Wilken SILVER, Fall River, Wisconsin
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I'm sorry this didn't work
I'm sorry you got hurt
But now you know how I felt
All the times you put me last
All the times you left me hanging
I should've known three years ago
That this is how you are
There was something that told me
I'd end up getting hurt
There was something that told me
I'd end up crying
I never did tell you
How I really felt
I never did show you
How much hurt I had to carry
But even though it never showed
I still tried
I tried to tell you
I tried to show it
I thought actions spoke louder than words
But I guess I was wrong
Wrong to think you'd figure it out
Wrong to think you'd accept me for me
How big of a fool was I?
I thought what we did showed you
I thought what was said told you
But you were thickheaded
And I couldn't get in
I couldn't get to where your other friends ranked
I couldn't get in to where your standards stood
I was never good enough for you
No matter how hard I tried
Tried to prove I was good enough
Tried to prove I was as good as the rest
Tried to prove you meant the world to me
At one point in my life
Now all I can see
Is how big of an *** you were to me
All I can hear
Are the lies you told me
Now all I can feel
Is all the pain you caused me
Now all I can smell
Is the scent of your deceit
And now all I can taste
Is the taste of your bitterness
So now everytime I taste that bittersweet chocolate
I'll remember how bitter you were
But the way you were smooth as chocolate about it
And everytime I hear some lie on the T.V.
I think about you and your lying face
When I see a girl crying
I'll think about the pain you caused me
And everytime I smell a stench in the air
I'll think about how polluted you made me inside
So do me a favor
And let my mind rest
For I'm tired of crying
And I'm tired of trying
For now that we're through
I can see it for the first time
You were the one that didn't measure up.

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