An ominous grin

March 5, 2009
By hayley herrera BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
hayley herrera BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
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An Ominous Grin

The thief of my life
Started with just one drink
I didn't feel like drinking then
To be cool it was the link
'But you are still alive' you say
Yes but my heart is dead
The exterior is without a scratch
Yet my organs feel like lead
It started at a birthday one night
The world a carousel
With spinning and contrasts of light.
Soon to wreak revenge from hell.
I walked outside to get some air
As my insides were in a cage fight
I lived my life without a care
This dark and shadowy night
'Let's get more beer,' an unknown boy slurred
Without worry, there was no fear
As the vehicle- the poison drink lured.
The evil look appeared
As we popped the hood the drink just grinned
A sly and ominous one
As if it knew tragic fate was to begin
As destined life was to be shunned
As we were floating on that road of doom
An innocent animal was struck
Delusional we listened to the boom
This poor girl dying without luck
Slowly we were turning to ghosts
The guilt possessing our brains
Even one drink at the most
Can leave you in unbreakable chains
The sadness in her dull, gray eyes,
I remember to this day
As she lifelessly lay they're uttering a silent cry
With burdens of dismay.
Increasing sirens and decreasing heartbeats
Were all that we could hear
The grinning drink was about to eat
The face we had seen in the mirror.
A corpse lay there without a motion
As tears ran down our flesh
The guilt was building into an ocean
Our hearts fading to mesh
For this serpent of a drink
That resided on our shoulders
Had hissed its way to a stolen life
So she could grown no older
Even though her life's exit was occurring
Deep into the night
This poison serpent forever luring
Fight with all your might
Because now emotionally my life has been snatched
From the clutches of this snake
The car, and her body equally matched
No one had the guts to put on the brake.

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