When you left & My wonderful boyfriend

September 30, 2016

When you left
I have been living parts
Of my life in silence.
Waiting for you to come back
Every day, it used to
Hurt but not anymore.

I’m used to it, used to
Being disappointed by you.
You haven’t been around
For most of my life but when
You were it was truly the best.

Every day, Every year
I’ve lit a candle without you here.
And deep, deep down inside
I’ve really wanted to cry.

But over the years
I’ve gotten stronger
Barely even thinking about
You anymore but
Today I write about you.

I hope you have a
Good life down in
Florida, I hope life treats
You well but I also hope
You hurt no one even close
To how much you’ve hurt me.



My Wonderful Boyfriend
One day in October
I laid eyes on this
Handsome boy.
He has the blondest hair
And the bluest eyes.

From the way he dressed
I could tell that he played sports.
From the way he talked
I knew that he
Was nice.

From the way he smiled I
Knew he was friendly.
I could tell by the way
He kept my secrets he was

I could tell from the
Moment I first met him
That he was caring, when we
First started talking I could
Tell that he cared about me.

When we started talking
More I could tell that he
Had a big heart. That
Boy is now my boyfriend.

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