September 30, 2016
By , Flushing, MI

Who am I?
Am I kind? Am I rude?
Are my clothes all dirty and crude?
Am I tall? Am I small?
Do I have a body at all?

Who am I?
Where do I live? Where do I stay?
Do I have a job and work all day?
Do I have a wife? I cannot say.
I must’ve said to stay away.

Who am I?
Am I lost? Am I dead?
Or could I be alive instead.
I don’t know. I’m just so frightened
by the fact that my knowledge cannot be heightened.

Who am I?
I hate these eyes because they cannot see
any small purpose that’s left for me.
No matter how hard I try, I feel no emotion.
Not even with my upmost devotion.
All I loved, all my work, does it even exist?
I want to know. I want to know. I just can’t resist.
I’m gone inside, all dead and alone.
And with no one my heart turns to stone.

Who am I?
All I see, all I know is a big black void,
a darkness that I cannot avoid.
Who am I?

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