I Miss You...

March 4, 2009
By Courtney S. BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Courtney S. BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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I miss you friends I never had
I miss you one and all,
And all those friends that drifted away,
Know that I still cry when you cry, am hurt when you are hurt,
And you will forever be in my heart.

For all those friends I wish I had'
I am truly sorry it has not been yet,
Though it will happen someday and
I will wait.

And for that person I thought I loved
I miss you every day
I cry about you every night
To date, it has been 8 months
How much longer must I wait.

I sit here with knots in my stomach missing all of you.
I am alone.
I try so hard not to give in and be sad everyday
But my days were happier with you.
I miss you'

But let us not forget the wonderful friends around us'
Who make life bearable,
Are always there,
And care.

So although I feel sorrow now and then,
I can't wait for the time when,
We will all be friends again.

I miss you'

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