Certainly Displeasing

March 4, 2009
It is quite normal to feel this way;
please, please do not fret.
And that is the song they sing,
but I can not get out of my mind
what my brain is whispering
in my ear.
Learn to be let down, please
learn while you're young
to keep the two of us from more pain
and heartbreak like we've continually
Just float, float away.
Forget the chirping birds,
forget the shining sun.
If you knew what eats at me,
if you knew what chews on my ear,
if you knew what it was, you would quit;
you would quit your singing, you would quit.
But for now,
for now I plan to leave with the wind
as it picks me up, and carries me far,
far away.
It sings me lullabies, it sings the song
I want to hear.
So please, please do not fret.
Please let me go, and please,
please do not even try,
try to understand
as I go. Far, far away.

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