A Time

March 4, 2009
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I step through that door
Afraid ,scary, worried
Of what you may ask
The unknown

With the possibilities of being
Hate it for the next four years of my life
or the next four years of being
Around Friends who care
The Place I am talking about

They said it could be the best four years of your life
The worst four years of your life

The Place you know
where your heart can ache
Along with heart beating
Chatting with your friends
You know the place where it is easy to get Detention,
The place where you laugh with your friends around 12
The place where you are on the verge of figuring out who you are

They said the fourth year the best and saddest maybe because of'

A time of saying Goodbye
A time of Celebrating
A time of Saying Goodbye
A time of Celebration
A time of leaving Home
A time of moving ahead
A time of seeing the world
A time of seeing what we wonder
A time of achieving our Dreams

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