September 30, 2016

Children are innocent they say

but what happens when pain takes that all away?

Rosey red cheeks and cute dimples

they hide it so well, people can't even tell

aren't your parents supposed to protect you?

Mommy where are you? I know dads too eventful.

Parent's don't get time off

Why am I five and finding my own lunch?

Mom, I wish you didn't have to leave

I ask God everyday for strength to get up off my knees.

You could have saved me from the "man" you married

All the abuse could have been carried away

with his things if you could have kicked him out

I am a teenager now and it makes more sense.

You didn't want to leave, but heaven was dense.

I will find forgivness for you both one day-

When thinking about the pain doesn't make my day turn gray.

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