September 30, 2016
By , Flushing, MI

splashing in the muddy ditch
climbing the tree with our webkinz
swimming in the neighbors pool
running barefoot

screaming that country song
eating at our usual place Sunday morning
driving on a Saturday night
dancing in the car on our way to school

wrestling in the living room
riding our scooters in the basement
getting blamed for yelling
sitting when you wouldn’t eat dinner

re-enacting all those movies
watching the same thing over and over
dancing to the Kim Possible theme song
beating you in Guitar Hero

trying on your old dresses and shoes
being your ring bearer
watching the little couple
driving to school every morning

sitting in the water waiting for geese
watching the buckeyes win
sneaking into their stadium
rapping with the bass all the way up

going up north
traveling around the world
riding to all of my soccer games
flying to new places

wii bowling on a weekend night
playing in the rain
searching for Pokémon at 7 in the morning
sledding on a freezing night

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