knowing secrets

March 4, 2009
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with every batle i win i gain knowledge// crushing all that see that challene me their now demolioshed// i am to kill, my word are ill, keep gaining skill this game is rotten// spit stainless steel, verbal slugs you feel, im unforgotten// i stand over you, like the eyes of osiris im ominicent// whilst endless words disperse and splurge from my mouth you hear them, but deafly listen// expirience heat strokes and hot flashes start hyperventilating// corrupted mean folk and thief bastards, my greater mind yours penatrating// hang myself while sand seeps slowly from the hour glass// balance my concentration a soldier of meditation ,countless years of hours pass// a synically written villan killin millions in verbal holocausts// unearthly facts the less intelligent can't come to grasp// won't look to the future, but what's been left untouched the past// there inheld lies secrts hidden deep between the gaps// reconstruct in the mind unrecorded segments of history// bringing you the know that will show you the solution to all mysteries// unscramble sacred scrolls that get sicker by the minute see// powerful curses and black magic all just verbal trickory// summon evil demons from the deepest depths of hell// to rise up out the floor from flames and burn turn you inside out//witness horrid tourturings to the masses but promise not to tell//rip it from my lifeless flesh to repay my soul i sell//

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