March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

This four letter word brings happiness but pain
Beyond one's heart, beyond ones thought
It's beyond the soul
Love lies in the hand of one not by faith, hope, destiny but by one
The feeling of 2
Their is no other half
But one whole of another whole that gives us two wholes, two wholes of ones love
Love is something we cherrish, we search for, we strive, we want it
It gives us that tingly feeling we never could explain
But a feeling of forever
Love has its ups and downs as to why love is complicated
It brings its tears, it breaks its peices, it seems that s ometimes we love love but love seems to hate us
It's not that loves hates us but the strong feeling
When that is broken it hurts so bad we turn back on one, become halfs or less than half
We call those pieces
The queation is will they reasemble the words back to love

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