The Book of The Dead

March 4, 2009
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The Renu Pert Em Heru,
Is a name that should be known by you.
Read The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day,
Read The Book of the Dead I say!

For you will not be here forever,
And if you don't read, you'll be here never.

You will live your life for many a day,
Then forever will your body lay.
Then your Ba shall wander to the next phase,
While others are opening your mouth and giving you praise.

After roaming around you'll finally stop,
In the famous, infamous Hall of Maat.
Your heart's weighed against truth to see if you played your role,
Or else Ammut will come and devour your soul.

If the scale balances then you've lived your life well,
If it doesn't, your fate is worse than Hell.

So, you either forever walk in The Fields of Peace,
Or altogether you life will cease.
That is what lies in The Book of the Dead.
I hope you have listened to what I have said'

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