September 30, 2016

You blamed me for caring more than I should
But little did you know
That there were reasons behind my care
Reasons I'd never let you hear
I was afraid that it would make you leave
Because I knew you didn't feel the same
But now I understand
That after all, maybe you felt like I did
Maybe you felt for me
What I felt for you
I was scared, and you were scared
But there was a difference
I tried to pull you to me
While you pushed me away
And I don't blame you
It's hard to trust
And you were scared
But sometimes you have to leave your fears behind
It's what I learned, when I met you
And although you broke me, I don't regret it
Even if all that I have of you are just memories
I would never take back
The moments we had
Because I still care
And it's all that I have

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