Picture, Picture on the Wall

March 4, 2009
By Courtney_N_Ursini GOLD, Warwick, Rhode Island
Courtney_N_Ursini GOLD, Warwick, Rhode Island
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Looking back -
Trying to figure out,
What went wrong.
I see a stranger in your photograph.
Reluctantly gave you to the past.
I search for the voice once so familar-
Only to hear the echo of my empty thoughts.
For trusting you..
This is the cost.
Im far from loney and far from afraid.
Standing in the sunshine -
No longer followed by the rain.
But I still search for you when times get hard.
And wish to see your face.
The few things I do remeber..
Are what now bring me pain.
I see your picture on the wall.
I watch it crash -
I watch us fall.
You could have at least said goodbye.
But its okay.
I'll only cry.

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