Twisted Fall

March 4, 2009
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I wonder how you could
Break though the walls
That none could penetrate.
My loneliness dissolved in front of you.
My emotions thrown into turmoil.
You were the stranger who stole
My heart and caught me by surprise.
I found myself though you.
Everyone could hear my heartbeat
Louder and faster than ever before.
These new emotions scared me.
Locked in your embrace feeling
Like I belong for the first time.
You broke though my resistance
The taste of you after you
Kissed the frozen, terrified me.
This is never to be forgotten.
I gave up myself to the perfect stranger.
I got lost in you and fell hard
For you but still knowing
We were star-crossed.
My world changed that day.
Sorrow came and continued until now.
My being changed that day.
Thoughts of you twist in my
Mind all the time, memories twist me.
I'm broken. Broken dreams came.
Dreams that were once a stranger to me.
Until you broke down the walls the concealed me.
I try to build my walls higher now than before.
Impossible to succeed.
So I wait for you to return.
To bring me to my knees.
To breathe you in again.
To once again fall for you.

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