Can't Be Me . . .

March 4, 2009
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Ain't anyone there?
Don't anyone care?
(Oh, I should shut my mouth
'fore I get labeled again.)
Seriously though,
it's inhumane!
Like I'm on trial for something I didn't do,
And somewhere 'long the line, I managed to hurt you.
But that's society's fault, not mine. Right?
I can sleep with a clear conscience tonight.
Right? Hello? Look, I don't wanna fight,
All I want is some insight.

Why is it like this?
All crazy and amiss.
(They're lookin' at me funny,
I wonder why . . .)
Why? What?
Just speakin' my mind.
Remember that thing? You haven't used it in a while,
It's as if every fine thought has been sent to exile.
But that's just you, not me. Right?
I'm outta your league, so out of sight.
Right? Huh? Could I be wrong?
Am I just as sad as the caged bird's song?

Wrong. Yeah, it can't be me.
It simply, utterly . . . can't be . . .

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