Beautiful Girl in my Dream

March 4, 2009
By Riot_J PLATINUM, Tonganoxie, Kansas
Riot_J PLATINUM, Tonganoxie, Kansas
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Live life to the fullest!!

I watched as she twisted into her tiny black dress, tonight will be a party for sure. Those silver heels glisten as she gracefully strolls out the door. Brown hair up in pins. Wondering if it will go down when they dance on the floor.

There is plenty guys watching to scared to approach. Intimidation hangs in the air. Eyes always looking at perfect hips moving back and forth. All of the models are flaming with envy wishing for something they wont get.

I'll take you home!

To my small appartment complex. Praying and hoping that I could touch your sweet curves. Imagine the beauty of every disney princess all rolled into one, times two.

My alarm clock starts beeping, waking me from my sweet dream. Not wanting to look over, yet my curiousity got loose. The women still sleeping was my ugly ex girlfriend. I could only think of one question. What the **** did she put in my drink.

The author's comments:
These are meant to be lyrics and is more death metal then anything.

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