March 4, 2009
By Mea(: GOLD, Roanoake, Texas
Mea(: GOLD, Roanoake, Texas
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From Jacob to Bella

All it would have taken
All I really needed
Was to hear you say
Three simple little words
That's all you had to do
But you never bothered
To show me that you cared
You only thought of
You never realized
Was there for you
All you think about
All you talk about
All you dream about
all you want is
Never me
The moment that I realized
You were in love
The moment that I saw
Your arms around
His shoulders
Swaying to the music
Dancing with
Of course
It shattered my heart
It tore me to pieces
I cried and cried
And then I cried some more
Because that was when I realized
That you don't really care about
You only care about
You think that he is perfect
That he has no flaws
And maybe you are right
But I think you are wrong
He is a human
And people make mistakes
Unfortunately I do not care
Whether or not you agree
I heard a saying the other day
'To the world you are just one person
But to one person you're the world!'
Whole world
And to you
Was just another guy
And then you told me to go
That you never wanted to see me again
But I'm not going to run away
And try to leave my memories behind
Just because you wish I was
Just because you wish
Loved you
The way that
Used to
But now I cannot love you
You have hurt me too deeply
Now I must try
To move on
And glue my heart back together
It kills me inside
To know that you don't need me
And to know that I need you
It kills me to know
Every single word about love to me
Was just a lie
It kills me to think
About everything we could have been
How happy we should have been
It kills me
That you never loved me
And now I know you never will
So you and
Have fun since you don't need
I know I'll never really move on
But I've got to try
So now I have to say
Goodbye to all the fun times
All the things we've been through
Goodbye to all the bad things
And the good things too
Goodbye to all those memories
Of me and you together
Goodbye to all the laughter
About our inside jokes
Goodbye to your smile
That makes me smile too
Goodbye to our long phone conversations
That never seemed to end
Goodbye to all the time
You wasted on me
I guess you were right
I was never really worth it
Goodbye to those secrets
About each other that we kept
And now I really hate to say it
But goodbye to our friendship
Because you said that you don't want it
You say that you don't need me anymore
Now that you found him
And that really kills me
Having to say goodbye to so much
But if it's what you want
Then for you I'll do it
So now there is just one goodbye
Left for me to say
It's the one I'll hate the most
But before I say my last goodbye
There's one thing I need to say
I love you
Those words you never said to me
Those three words
That would have fixed it
And even though you hurt me
In all these different ways
I just want you to know
I love you
Even though'
And now it is time for me to say
My last goodbye
To you
Since this is what you say
You want
Well here goes
Is what some people would say
But the truth is
Here goes my
For now I say
From me to you
I mean it for
Goodbye my Bella Swan

The author's comments:
This was written from Jacob To Bella out of Twilight

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