Street Lights

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

A boy stood alone at the corner
Cold air had consumed his once warm breath
In his mind the memories of the safety
The safety, he had felt with his friends earlier on in the night
When it wasn't as cold or barren as the night was now
No, the night now was so harsh it caused the boy to shiver
Nothing guided him home
Not even the stars for they were too far
The only hope he had was a flickering street light
Its dim glow captured his eerie eyes
He gathered the courage to walk over
Alone, they stood together
Looking at one another
There was an awkward pause
But it was all that was needed
A sense of guidance was his remedy
To a bitter feeling of emptiness
The two friends now parted their ways
Swallowed by darkness the boy walked off
All was quiet until something stirred the night
A sudden gust of wind had picked up
The movement of snow covered pines
Bustling of abandoned power lines
And the waking of a new day
Had filled the air with music
A type that would bring concern to many
However, to some it is a memory
Of cherished friendships

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to show why friendships should be cherished. They help us make it through our lives, and make them very enjoyable from start to end. Without friends we cannot learn what it is to be cared or loved by another person.

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