Grandma' s Sweaters

March 4, 2009
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Grandma's sweaters are bright and colorful
She wears them all day long
All her sweaters are new
The one that I gave her was her favorite
She talks and talks about how she loves them to death
She has a sweater for each day of the year

Every sweater is different for every season, day, and year
The sweaters make her life bright and colorful
She wants them till her death
Some are short and some are long
Even though she wears exotic sweaters she is still my favorite
Her sweaters are the whole shebang and all brand new

Every New Year she gets a sweater that is brand new
I hope that she will live until the New Year
Her best sweater is her favorite
Every time I see her sweaters they are very colorful
Every day is very long
She will not be old until her death

If you see her she looks far away from her death
All that she wears is brand new
Every years seems so long
Until the New Year
Her life is so bright, so bright and colorful
I think the sunflower one is her favorite

Also her doggie one is her favorite
Maybe I will get some after her death
Every year her life gets more and more colorful
Maybe her life will be brand new
Every day I think of her face on every New Year
Every year the days get longer

Every one in her life has live long
She treats people as if everyone is her favorite
All the days I live to see the New Year
I will miss her face on her death
Her face is every day brand new
All my life I have been her favorite

Every year she talks about her long life but not her death
I am her favorite and every meeting seems brand new
Every year I love to see her and she is my favorites

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