A Try At Poetry

September 28, 2016
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I am no good at poetry.

I wish I could turn my feelings into beautiful lyrics.

I want to voice my thoughts openly,

but how could I do that in only seven sylabbles?

When reading this, I do hope you won't be critical.

I only had a night to finish and beautiful works are hard to mimic.

I have so much I want to tell you,

but how can I when it has to rhyme?


I want to tell you of my love for writing

and how much I feel at home with my typewriter.

If you critisize me, then we'll be fighting.

Forgive me, that was cheesy.  

The knowledge that people will read this makes me queasy.

I am known among my family as quite the writer,

although I rearely write poems.

Onto the next subject, I suppose!


I love mysic very much.

When I play or sing, I am somewhere else.

I play the clarinet, piano, sing, and such.

I enjoy it much, it's who God made me.

He did not make me to rhyme words, you see.

I try to go things like rhyme "else" with "belts."

So, I'm not very good at writing poems,

but when I'm writing or singing, I'm home and I'm free.

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