Memory and Where I'm From

September 27, 2016
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Memory Poem

River Road
It’s the road i grew up on
It’s the one i’ve moved away from
But i always love driving down it
Because it feels like memory lane
All my old friends and neighbors
That i would visit and have fun with
Or even the neighbors didn’t like me much
My old house is the center of it all
Where i grew up short to tall
Because of where i live now
I never drive down the road
But every now and then
I take the long way home.

Where I’m From Poem

I am from pencils, from Jiff and creamy peanut butter.
I am from the Black, old rubber smelling, swinging, tire swing in the front yard.
I am from the big dead oak, the apricot tree.
Whose limbs i used to climb, as if they were my jungle gym.

I’m from Jerky, Gummy bears, and bad vision,
From Francis and Anne and Kehler.
I’m from the hardworker’s, and loyal, loving people.
From “No chewing with your mouth open!”, and “Stop slurping!”.
I’m from a christian raised family, but we all have lost faith.
My brother and I the most, we don’t believe at all.

I am from Pure Michigan, and the back roads of Pennsylvania,
Corn beef and home grown veggies.
From the board that fell on my dad, to the hospital visits,
The rake that went through my sister’s foot.

I am from River road, the road that holds more memories than anything.
The memories are all in my head, they are hard to access.
But when i drive down the road, it brings so many back.
It’s a burst of feelings and emotions, that i enjoy as long as i can.

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