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September 27, 2016
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Every year for the forth
I go to my grandma’s up north
I go off-roading in my dads Suzuki
I like to go although it gets a bit spooky
I like to go with my cousin Alyssa
And we always have a blast with my mom, Lisa

I always go to Alyssa’s house
And sometimes go to a nearby coffee house
I like to play with her dog Diesel
Because he better than some people
I would rather be swimming in her pool
Than getting Diesel’s drool

I have a dog named Suzie
Who can be a little snooty
I also have a boxer
She always makes us walk her
I have a cat
He’s always being a brat.

My sick grandpa made me trick or treat in January
It wasn’t that scary
He made me move a cat
It wasn’t really there but he said it was black
He lived with me for four years
So when he left there were a lot of tears.

My family likes to go on trips
But my dad refuses to go on a cruise ship
I like to go to Indiana for the Bad Lands
But nothing can beat Florida’s wet lands
Family trips are always the best
I always feel so blessed.

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