Beauty and the Chicken

March 4, 2009
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Me and the chicken, we're one and the same.
We flap away when frightened, and we're both really lame.

The reason I'm a chicken, is cause of that girl.
Every time I see her, my heart starts to swirl.

The girl I see, walking through the hallway.
The girl I see, beautiful every day.

When she passes by, my inner chicken bursts out.
I'm afraid to say 'Hi' to her, this is without a doubt.

I start to feel a beak, grow onto my nose.
I feel so ugly, as my wings grow.

I flap and cluck, like an annoying bird.
She doesn't acknowledge me, cause I'm so absurd.

Before I turn back, she's already passed by.
That's the thousandth time I failed to try.

A simple 'Hi' is too much for me.
I'll be a chicken forever, that she won't see.

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