Memory Poem

September 26, 2016
By deathtrap1515 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
deathtrap1515 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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It was a beautiful day like a big red rose

I was happy as can be
Today was the day
I was finally going home
From the camp of music

The day was going great
I led my family around the way
To show them everything I learned
They watched me play
In the big white shell

We had snacks galore
Coke and Ice cream
It was best around
But as we were heading to the car
My mother pulled me aside and said
“Summer, I’m sorry but your Grandmother has died”

I  sat in shock
I couldn’t believe it
All I could do was cry
As the tears were running like hot coals on my face
I wished that I could turn back just to see her one last time

To see her wrinkly face
To smell the coffee she brewed every day
To eat Spaghettios once last time
To climb the big tree
To pick raspberries

I sat in silence as rode on home
In the quietest ride
In the history of car rides
My thoughts were to the sky
Looking for her

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