Dream essay

September 26, 2016

Of course in every dream they are people supporting you. Pushing you to accomplish your dream. But with my dream their is something quite different, surprising. Most importantly in a dream they are steps to get to your dream. Also hardworking and patients to achieve the dream.

My dream is to graduate High school, get my diploma, join the military. Then travel the world for example Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Mexico, and much more beautiful places. Also while serving the military take classes to become an amazing counseler/therapist as well. Buy my own beautiful house, with my hard work. Probably be married and build a family.
In order for this dream to come true i will have to complete all the necessary credits, in order to graduate. At the moment i have to keep trying. The key is to not
give up when it gets hard and rough. Also i think positive attitude takes you very far in life. Also positive mind/thoughts, capability.
The steps i need to make it happen is not not giving up. Try as hard as i can because hard work pays off. Also it will all be worth it in the end. Another main
step is knowing i can make it very far. Without depending on no one.
The help i will need is basically concentrating. I will find this help in me. I will push myself to extremes, work hard. I will be my own guide, to get to a
good path/future. Most importantly not give up when i fall, get up twice as stronger.
Have you ever wondered what it feels for nobody in your family to support you? Or motivate you?! Well it is a type of feeling where you
feel the need to give up. But you shouldn’t give up, you should keep going forward and believe in yourself and motivate yourself. Most importantly show them otherwise. Why? Because hard work in the end pays off.
My favorite quote is “ you will love someone who doesn’t love you, for not loving someone who did “. It is deep and makes you think but also
true. I personally love the quote, because it’s one “ karma said “. Most importantly love related. Just one of my favorite and only favorite quote.

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