I Observed an Emptiness in Your Face

March 3, 2009
By bluebears BRONZE, Delta, Other
bluebears BRONZE, Delta, Other
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We watched the sunset
together, on the river. Swollen
heavy sun in the stillness.
surrounded us like a nest.
Your eyes did not see
when I observed their hollowness.
Empty bulbs,
Like kernels, shining in frozen ground
Like hairless husks. Empty; anticipating an animation
of spring to stir,
For a filament to enter
and enflame the interior.
Empty, I regard
the wanting of your face,
the consuming emptiness,
hungering for satisfaction.

I could not fill it and
a loneliness drank me up.

Another dusk sings over the horizon.
Fourteen fish are slipping in the cold water.

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