Caverns Measureless To Man

March 3, 2009
By Jordan Kalms BRONZE, Encino, California
Jordan Kalms BRONZE, Encino, California
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Caverns Measureless to Man

I wandered o'er the building tops
And past the picket fences
To find a field, itself revealed
That nature spares offenses

The sun did burn too see me turn
Or else is sunlight bake
I wandered out to lay my doubt
Out for Mercy's sake

Where I had lived was baron more
Than here, if a place could be
Vacant of mind, held me entwined
I left, if ever would be

But what I found did make the sound
Of leaving seem so cruel
For from the safety of that town
The earth proved me a fool

In black and white, it was a site
To see the baron land
It stretched around, and did surround
Me in its massive hand

The golden sand covered the land
And played to me a dirge
I wept to hear this voice austere
And on the music purge

I saw an eagle white as gold
And he was feathered thick
With his great beak he soared the peak
But fell'th just as quick.

Nothing it seemed, what I had dreamed
Could bear this frightful foe
I had no choice, but call my voice
And join in songs of woe

And so I sang with that odd gang
Of spirits, plants, and I
We sang until we each were still
And wept to hear us cry

Each crashing Zephyr blow did show
The beauty of that place
I had come far, for what I are
Is not what is the space

Where I had come from man had beat
The nature from that place
My soul took back what it did lack
And did my grief replace
What I mistook for songs of woe
And thought had urged my flee
I laughed at now and did allow
Those songs to welcome me

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