March 3, 2009
By , Chino Hills, CA
Drinking day and night
A cup always by my side.
Breaking my mothers heart
Not caring when she fell to the floor and cried.
Hopping into my car
Too drunk for me to see straight
If only I had known
My shoulders would soon be burdened with the all time greatest weight.
I looked up to see a single cloud
Alone in the dark night sky,
An omen for my future
Which would soon all go awry.
Crashing into a small, unseen car
And seeing the blood spread all around.
I can only comprehend
The smallest, most unexpected sound.
The girl I had hit,
She did not scream or cry,
But instead whispered the words
'I forgive you.' And that's how I got by.
I had never met her before,
And I will never meet her again
For because of my decisions that night,
I caused her life to end.
But those words I never forgot
The words that changed my heart
The lead my to my forgiving savior
From whom I will never part.

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Amanda B. said...
Mar. 18, 2009 at 1:55 am
this is really good, very emotional
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