Summer Song

March 3, 2009
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The first summer came
Much too soon
The sun shone ubiquitously
On the faces of the singing summer souls
While I painted the skies blue
And donned my summer skin
Wanting for the sun, to feel the warmth

But as the world thrived and reveled
I shied away from summer's sun
As the sky's blue paint cracked and weathered
And my summer skin, kissed by the sun, burnt and shriveled with blight

The winter soon befell
Silencing echoes lingering from days past
Snow descended upon the earth
And the flowers, wistfully longing for the sun
Recoiled and refused to grow
Time did not pass for me


The first breath of spring arrived
Skies of pure, gleaming blue
A sun that shone softly [timidly?]
But enough to wake the birds
That soon began to sing
Enough to melt the hearts of the flowers
That soon began to grow
Enough to graze my skin
Which soon began to feel

Not the burning of the blight that burdened me still
But the warmth!
Oh to feel the warmth
That told me I had survived
That I was alive

I peeled the blight from my shoulders
Felt the ease in not carrying such pain
And felt a strange new feeling
One that compelled me to emerge from my cocoon

I had almost forgotten how to reach for the sun
But I soon remembered, my whole being alive with hope
And I soared

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