The Serpant in The Tear Drops

March 3, 2009
By Mycheer SILVER, Hamersville, Ohio
Mycheer SILVER, Hamersville, Ohio
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he hides, in the people you trust the most, that will eventually cause you the most tears.
his eyes are a piercing red, his face a penetrating black.
he is a serpent resting in your tears.
you dont want to let him go, but he wont quiet tourchering you, his eyes tearing through your soul.
he is the salt in your tears.
he is the vary tears you cry.
he is the serpent in the tear drops.

The author's comments:
I am refering to the serpant as the people that cause your tears. I am saying that there is somthing evil in your tears, that cant be released until you cry, and let these tears out.

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