September 29, 2016
By ColorfulBeast BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
ColorfulBeast BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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                                     “ I’m gonna be me”.
                                     “ I’m gonna continue. to be me”
                                     “ I’m gonna continue to be me”.
                                       Until I die…”
                                    - Confidence Song

                                       This is life….
                                       you’re going to be alright
                                       to further is to be smart.
                                       you say that “ I’m ugly”
                                       but this happens to
                                       the best of us…           
                                      It is our confidence that helps
                                     with our daily lives.
                                     It is our voice that helps
                                     get the word across
                                     Our uniqueness is what makes
                                     us different. Crying everyday
                                     cutting your wrists as the blood
                                     slides down your wrist and drips
                                     on the floor.  tears  let it go
                                     self- harm, let it go
                                     comparing yourself to others
                                     let it go. even though it’s hard you’re
                                    Why cry? Why cut? Why compare?
                                    being harsh on yourself isn’t doing,
                                    anything but making your confidence
                                   There is more to what’s wrong with your
                                   looks than self-harm and degrading…
                                   so when you’re feeling down tears
                                   roll down your face
                                   tear drop, after tear drop.              
                                   remember you’re beautiful
                                   Love yourself,
                                   Be you
                                   Be special  Be beautiful

The author's comments:

Depression inspired me to write this piece of work. I hope people will understand you're beautiful no matter what anyone says. Confidence starts within you.

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