What is "wrong" with me?

September 28, 2016
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Always being diagnosed
And overdosed
For being energetic or

What is “wrong” with me?
There is an insecurity from
reliance on chemistry
to puppeteer my hands and legs the way they should be

What is “wrong” with that?
The strain of dependence
Observing, recognizing the people’s dance
Pointing their toes on eggshells once they are told

What is “wrong” with them.
Advancements in medicine treat
Stress and anxiety as “cureable”
defining a definition of normal
By trying to morph personality traits to a balanced

What is “wrong” with us
Storing happiness in bundles of yellow
Calmness in pink
I am all for mental health awareness
But to be honest,
I only feel blue.

What is “wrong” with me
When the sun first strikes my eye
I get ready for the sweet bulge of colors on which I rely
Numbed and broken
We don’t feel pain, there is an answer for that
We don’t fight through hard times
There is an answer for that.

What is “wrong” with them?
They ask us why drugs are so present in our society
While they prescribe Adderall to every pre-pubescent teen they see.
Capping the bright energy of a fifth grader
To make sure they can prepare for the SAT

What is “wrong” with him
Though? He struggled to sit still? He called out in class?
I refuse to see what is wrong with that.
Our youth will not appreciate the rare silver stars who brighten their day
Because they will not have a storm to be lined, because our parents invested in an umbrella
When they sat out the rain.

But for some reason no one can see
What is wrong with that.

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