September 28, 2016
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I am getting older everyday
Soon to be driving away
Looking back at my childhood
Looking back at where I stood
Standing in the cold waiting for the kindergarten bus
Trying not to make a fuss
Here it comes-the big yellow thing
watching the doors open with a swing
Watching my mom shed a couple tears
Sitting next to a stranger, wishing she was here

Now I'm going into the fourth grade
Jumping off the swings needing a band-aid
Finally getting a class pet
My bestfriend Katelyn, I'll never forget
Sadly, she moved away that year
But she told me I'll always be here
She pointed right at my heart
I knew it would be hard to part
So I promised to be her sister
And told her I'll always miss her
But next thing I knew it was my final year in grade school
My friends and I so cool

Until it came time for junior high
I was walking around so innocent and shy
I had classes with no one I knew
My friend group then grew and grew
I had to meet all new people
Roaming the halls were never peaceful
I stopped going to rollerhaven
Wished to go back but gave in
My mom started buying me makeup
I soon knew it was time to grow up

I got my first boyfriend
And went to parties on the weekend
I soon went up a few grades
It only felt like a few days
I went to my first homecoming dance
Got into an old romance
I passed ISL
Always trying to beat the bell

Summer soon rolled around
I finally got out of town
I went on my first jet ski ride
Got to play in the Caribbean tide
I got myself a new pet bunny
The story of how I got it is pretty funny
Summer slowly came To an end
And school was fastly approaching again

Today is the first day of my sophomore year
Getting my licenses is almost here
Running into stupid freshmen
Almost getting a detention
Cheering at the football games
Having your teacher forget your name
Trying to find a homecoming date
Still trying not to be late

It's already the third week
And I'm trying to to freak
about how much longer I have to wait
Until it's my turn to graduate
It's actually kinda scary
And I try to be wary
Of how fast time goes by
So for now I'll just try
To stay a kid as long as I can
And not worry about my future plan

I am older everyday
I am driving away

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