Mi Amor Por Ti

September 28, 2016

My love for you wasn't enough because you're gone. loving you was exhausting, just drowning away in your tears of amusement.

I loved the way you made me feel. every second trying to gasp for breath.

Knowing that this is just another obstacle to gain your love. Trying to look even nicer to get you to notice what you lost. But i don't want to loose you everyday that we would talk i would fall even more in love with you.

From holding my hand on the plane to cuddling w me on the party bus. Or walking me to class to the the point of you getting jealous of guys looking at me.

Being able to open completely just thinking you wouldn't leave. I was wrong because all the things you said from your my one and only. To i will never hurt you like your past ex’s, is just a bunch of crap because i believed you.

But all i do is throw every ounce of my delicate heart to you hoping you'll keep it safe. The feeling i feel around you isn't butterflies it's something so much more, feeling like if there arent in my life i can't survive another massacre.

Feeling like i'm just another passenger. Craving your love like a wolf prowling through the forest. Growling at every predator it encounters.

Crying myself to sleep as if i have lost you. But it was only reality.

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