My Caused Pain

September 28, 2016

The clock struck 4
heart bursts like a supernova
to the voice of my father
stiff yet its shaky
silence conquered the area

When i asked what was wrong.
His voice sounded like whale calls,
To the words,’’Can't pick you up, tu
Tio ira por ti.´´ Wondering why but
Yet the sound of the hanged up call
Swarming through my thoughts.

The sunny joyful house became
A mysteriously creepy one.
My heart beating like a wolf chasing its prey,
In search of my grandma.

Feeling the presence of death,seeing all the
Adults sorrowing away like a broken faucet.
Everything slowing down seeing flashbacks
Of me growing up, all disappearing in seconds.

Gazing into her hazel eyes, while she spots
A single tear falling down my colorless mask.
Soon becoming Niagara falls. My heart catching
the depressive moment like Speedy Gonzalez
But my head being slow as Sid the Sloth.

Walking down the hall feeling every step i take
I'm being yanked to hell. James being a spontaneous
cousin, he ran  to the sound of me falling rapidly to
My doom. His affection was soft as the fur of a grizzly bear.

Opening the door to the most darkest room of the
House. Feeling the presence of a cold soulless corpse.
Motionless as i gaze at him. Reliving all our moments
As they wither away.
My heart is bleeding from the gunshot, you’ve left.

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