What Is Strength?

March 3, 2009
By Anna Mari Dawnle BRONZE, Somers, Connecticut
Anna Mari Dawnle BRONZE, Somers, Connecticut
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What Is Strength?
Strength is listening to your parent's angry shouts (all you want is for them to be happy)

But instead of throwing your hair brush at a window in frustration, you pump up the music,

Clench your fists, swallow hard, and start that math homework (After all its due tomorrow)
Strength is forgetting your history assignment (It's 15% of your grade)

But instead of locking yourself in the bathroom stall, you pop a few pieces of gum

Breath hard for a few minutes, and weakly walk to 1st period (Breath, In,Out,In,Out).
Strength is hearing your name whispered across the halls (Your new haircut!??)

But instead of breaking down in the councilor's office, you run to the bathroom

Tie up your hair, glare at your ugly reflection, and go to class (You stare at floor rest of the week)
Strength is watching your only friend sit with somebody else at lunch (more popular than you)

But instead of dragging her away (she wants this) you smear on a grin, flash her a smile,
Sit at a table alone In a corner, and pull out a book. (suddenly your stomach feels sick)
Strength is crying alone in a bathroom (your world again cascading)

But instead of reaching for a that razor (it would be so easy) running hot bath
With extra bubbles and salts. You weep into a towel, but your wrists stay smooth.
There is no Victory in Strength
There is no Glory. . . No closure.
Strength is seeing your own defeat . . . your own escape.
Wanting it . . . Begging for it to take you.
But pushing it away.
Strength is living the pain, breathing it, becoming it.
Strength is Enduring, Remaining, Existing on.
Strength is one more breath,

Living to see one more clock pass midnight.
Strength is the Brocken
The Damaged beyond repair
The Forgotten
The Abandon.
They never win, but they have not lost.
They Still Exist.
They are Strong.

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