Miss lovely

March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

One quite and serene night
As I work
I look off to the distance
And see a beautifull sight
Looking of to the sunset
With her eyes so deep
A shade of blue
Just like the sky that i see
I look at her and then to me
I say to myself this can not be
For she is so lovely I wish she
Knew that I look to
At the sunset
Which I see my lovely
Looking back at me
She is so lovely
With her red hair, her glowing skin,
And her orange dress
Looks so much like the sunset
I see each night
So as I come I say
Look at me Miss. Lovely
Come hear what I have to say
But as I plee she does not see
She just looks, and smiles
At the sunset
That is as lovely as she
I smile to
But not to the sunset
But at my new
My new love
Oh cant you see
I love Miss. Lovely
But she does not love me

The author's comments:
i was moved to wright this after i read romeo and juliet

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