Pick Me Up

March 3, 2009
By sidewayspants SILVER, Pocahontas, Arkansas
sidewayspants SILVER, Pocahontas, Arkansas
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Washed away in the rain.
Faded away by all the pain.
Don't wonder or question or ask why.
Don't contradict, conceal, or deny.
Across the sea in the moonlit night,
You see reflections of the stars in the sky.
Along the grass and the roads paved '
Stick out your thumb and you'll be saved.
There's no need for anyone else to know
When you hate yourself and feel so low.
Burn the life of all your sins,
And once more, see where life begins.
Peel off the scars, the wounds have healed,
But the pain remains to feel quite real.
You won, you lost, you walked, you fought,
And now the hurt is all you've got.
You're left with what you've always had '
The pain inside that makes you mad.

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