September 28, 2016
By psychomusiclover BRONZE, Minonk, Illinois
psychomusiclover BRONZE, Minonk, Illinois
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Ode to Music
I spend all my time with you
You block out all the screaming
All the yelling
Make me happy when I’m sad
You don’t know how much you mean to me
And I don’t think even I know the depths of how much I love you
You help me remember lost loved ones I held so dear to my heart
You made me remember all the good times I’ve had even if it’s with horrible people
You make me remember all the horrible ones to but that’s ok I still love you
From the cruel world I run into your loving arms
You save my soul so thank you music
You make me feel better when I feel like I’m more worthless than dirt is to a city person.
You’re every ware just when I need you
Thanks again music I love you even if sometimes you don’t love me

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