An Ode To My Marine

March 3, 2009
An Ode to My Marine

I cherish you with all my heart
I enjoy the things you say
You're funny and compassionate
I love you in that way

You make me smile and never fear
The things that seem so scary
I know that you will soon be there
To keep me safe and merry

You stand near me at all times
I think we're always joking
You cheer me up and make me smile
We laugh until we're choking

While everything is happy now
Soon you will be leaving
Off to California
It seems you may be fleeing

Fleeing from this state
Fleeing from this town
Now what will I do
When I am feeling down

You'll shave your head you'll get in shape
You're now so patriotic
I truly hope you stay the same
And don't become psychotic

While I don't support your war
I do support your courage
I'm proud of your strength and bravery
Of which I truly do encourage


Now look at you all clean and proud
Your uniform so bright
I know this is the beginning 
Of a new chapter in your life

I know you will be busy
But don't forget me here
Your best friend and your ally
Will always hold your friendship dear

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