I spy

September 25, 2016
By Anonymous

An angel and I

We played I spy

If I won he'd tell me why

I feel like this half of the time.

If I die, will you cry? 

I spy that a tear just 

filled his eye and I sigh. 

 I wish he would

offer me a trip on his wings, 

So that I could

soar and fly 

the entire sky.

"I am just a passerby."

Some would say that that's a lie,

But what they don't know 

Is that I dream with freezing snow.

I want to feel something,


I want them listening 

To the signs I give


They're always wanting me 

To live in a fantasy,

One that I don't understand 

in its entirety.

The angel turned to fly

As if to say goodbye 

But first he looked at me,


He said "I spy..." and 

He let me be. 

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