Four Corners

March 3, 2009
By derek holland BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
derek holland BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
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Go to the east and you'll find the bay
Seagulls flying and crashing waves
And crabs go on for days.

Go to the south and time slows down
Where the sun warms you up a little bit quicker.
Where the people have a little more swagger 'n dey talk like dis.'

Go to the north where it's a bit chilly and brisk
To where they rock to club music and dance there pain away.
And Philly is only about half and hour away.

Go to the west and you'll meet the District
Where you start to hear 'son ,' and iight slim'
They bounce to Gogo and rep P.G.
They wear North faces, Nike boots and 992's.

Where all four meet you get Maryland.
a small state so with many cultures.
They all have to find some way to get along
And they do in a quiet place'also called M D.

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