True Love Always

March 3, 2009
By Kimberlynn19 BRONZE, Greenville, Georgia
Kimberlynn19 BRONZE, Greenville, Georgia
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My darling true love i have been in search of you,only to have found you holding me at thy hand. I have put in pain through which thy eys i have seen thy heart in which shall not be seen.I have touched thy lips in which shall not be touched. I've realized the horror of pain that i have caused through which many hearts i have seen broken.

In which i have come to realize that it isn't always love that conquers for it is more than just love. yet this world has nothing but hatred for those who abuse love.
It's not just a childish game to be won.Love is a powerful gift and shall not be abused in any way. Love should be held together by everyone not just by one person.
Some people need to understand that and realize what kind of a precious gift they have and conclude that it needs to be taken seriously.
I know that i have realized that some people say that they love someone and they don't really mean it.This in my mind brings me to believe why say it if you don't mean it. I have been taught to speek the truth and yet the truth is often fiddled with and becomes this huge lie..
So the next time you say that you love someone let it come from your heart and not from another place from which you just lust the feeling.

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