What I'm Afraid Of

March 3, 2009
By Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
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What I am afraid of scares me so much just to think about it. I'm afraid that when you leave, you'll forget about me, and I will fade away. I'm afraid of being lost in a world of misery and lonliness, afraid of the future and what is holds for me. What I am afraid of is losing someone close to me, that I care about so much. What I am afraid of the most is that when you're gone I will have lost you forever. But in my heart you'll always stay, but I am afraid I won't stay in yours because you will have forgotten me and what we had together. But what I am afraid of the most, is leaving you alone after I die, leaving you alone, sad, and in pain because of what I did was stupid and I made you suffer for it..

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