September 23, 2016
By Anonymous

i am from cats, from Barbies and Porsches
i am from an unfinished house (dusty, developing, and boxes piled high)
i am from the water, the blue
i am from the pickle game and supporters, from Ives, Amanda, and Margaret
i am from the divorced and the loving
from “high school love doesn’t last” and  “you're beautiful and smart”
i am from every-once-in-a-while Christians, finding faith on my own, centering       my life around Him
i am from ann Arbor and Europe, meatballs and steak
from the nearly 7-foot grandpa stepping on the unspeakable, the representation of a family trip to Arizona, and the hidden gameboy of ‘08
i am from the photo’s in the spare bedroom, the proof of a loving and large family

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